The spirit of the 90’s

I though I would just post a brief update. I hope any of you that read my inaugural post were kept interested enough to get to the end.
I just wanted to say that things have improved for me recently, settling into a new City, a new place to call home & meeting some fantastic new characters. I’ve put together a meeting with a few different musicians/ and hopefully it will be a success.

For all you lovers of any late 80s/ early 90s early Seattle inspired music, ‘Drenge’ put a fantastic performance on at ‘The Fleece’ in Bristol and will definitely be going places. Great support from in particular a melancholic 3 piece called ‘Kagoule’. Look out for Cheatahs and the Solids too.

I spend at least an hour a day browsing a well known auction site for any music fest bargains. February heralded a month which is never likely to be repeated, and along with that I have also probably used up my luck on that particular site for the next 10 years. Winning a Jackson DK2T in transparent red with Seymour Duncans & more than it’s fair share of mojo for a paltry £135. Then a mere 2 weeks later a Laney VC50 from 1996 (which coincidently I have been looking for, for quite some time) came up as £150 starting bid. I bid first not believing I would win, that someone would outbid me in the last seconds as usual, but low and behold I won the auction for £150!! An incredible bargain, and for anyone who hasn’t tried one of these amp, you simply must. I let the VH100R (100 Watt head version of this amp) go a few years back now & have always regretted it. This is one I will not let go


Laney VC50 and Jackson DK2T

Passion for music brings wellbeing and natural harmony



I spent quite a while agonising over what I would write in my first post. As a naturally creative person I’ve always found that creativity and inspiration come with a price, well for me personally. From a young age to the present day failure of rejection, criticism or unacceptance would always take precedence over simply being heard or expressing myself.

Growing up I loved to paint and draw, play video game and collect action figures with which I devised colossal battles and wars. I guess looking back now (at the ripe old age of 31) I can see that I always had a creative streak, and a wonderful sense of imagination, you could definitely say I was a daydreamer. It wasn’t until I left school at the age of 16/17 that I became interested in guitar orientated music at all.  I remember the sense of just realising the endless possibilities and where It could take me if I put enough hard work in, almost like the moment you realise just how big the world is, and that you’ll never see all of it. There is always some thing new to learn, every single day.

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The guitar became my companion, my most trusted confidant, an imaginary friend you can see and touch. In the last 14 years I have owned 31 different guitar but still have my first one, the one that unlocked the door to this wonderful world, that set me on the path to really finding who I am and giving me a tool to finally be able to express the way I feel inside. My music today conveys all these trapped emotions and but comes direct from one, hope.

Now knowing that I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a number of years, and suffering some very low points in that time. My music has always been with me, not only as my chosen art or form of expression but as a voice for me as a person.

So in the end I just took the chance to throw my music out there, and I’ve had so many wonderful comments from people that make it all worthwhile. My goal is too simply share my music with as many as possible, if I can brighten someone’s day then I’ve had a result.

If you’ve managed to get this far and I hope you have a listen. If you want to purchase the EP the link is above, if not that’s cool. As long as you’re here that helps me greatly. I intend to add updates and new posts on a weekly basis.